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What is VoIP?

The VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a form of telephony, where the conversation is via a non-traditonal network, the internet.

The transmission is completely secure, but the number of lines used at the same time depends on the speed of your connection.


What is a VoIP PBX?

VoIP PBX is a program, which is running on a personal computer, and provides your company's incoming and outgoing telephone traffic. It is not necessary to purchase separate telephone exchange. Depending on configuration, you can even use it for free (For example: 4 line, only for VoIP, without the FAX and Voice menu, 3CXFree is free)

Why is it good?


  • Several service providers offer discounted calling rates from domestic or international destinations.
  • Several service providers offer periodic free calls.
  • You can have wired telephone number without traditional subscription.
  • You can transfer you existing telephone number to VoIP.
  • You can kepp your existing analog lines and numbers.
  • You can even have foreign branches (For example: German landline phone number, so your clients, who live there could call you with local rates).
  • The telephone exchange is a PC, so in case of breakdown, other computer can be used immediately.
  • There are several different programs to choose from, and you can usee a free voice mailbox.
  • You can even receive fax without having a FAX device.
  • You can configure digital reception, and voice-menu system.
  • You can call cheap, and separate Abroad - Domestic - GSM lines automatically.
  • You can use a traditional phone, IP phone, USB phone or a computer for extension.



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