Software audit  

Our company helps you to know exaclty what programs and applications are installed on your company's computers, and what kind of permissions and licenses the company got for them.

Users often do not know that the so-called 'shareware' and 'freeware' programs generally must not be used for business purposes, and they need to pay licence fees for business use.

Most of the users do not know, what kind of authorities they have got with the operating system they bought with their computer.

If our analysis finds not properly licensed programs, we will help you to find the most cost-effective solution..

Why should you know this?

  • Because the company and/or the manager concerns with criminal responsibility because of the illegal programs installed by employees too.

  • For the computer, which is running illegal programs (which are not in ordered state) depreciation can not be accounted for the given period, so an occurent investigation by Tax Office could state tax-deficiency


Run out of space? You must upgrade the storage space again?

We help you measure, that how much of the valuable disk space is occupied by your employees' copied movies, photos and music.