• Did you know that in Hungary, you can take state support for estabilishing teleworking?

  • Did you know, that most of the office work can done remotely?

  • Did you know, that to estabilish teleworking is cheaper, than a traditional office workplace?

  • Did you know, that to maintain teleworking is cheaper, thank a traditional office workspace?


In 2009, for estabilishing teleworking, 160.000 HUF/workspace device support, and for a half year, 81.150 HUF common charge and salary assistance was available to apply for. This is 646.900 HUF/workspace non-refundable aid.

We help you to convert administrative-like jobs to teleworking, meanwhile the most important traditional office facilities remain, such as common e-mail, shared document repository, shared printing, shared calendar.

The remote workplace's connection can work via VPN or https protocol, which gives you the same security as e-bank services.

Teleworking can be developed in the way you do not even need an office, you juar have to rent server and the appropriate programs at a service provider.